Sound City

Sound City - In 2013, I attended SXSW primarily to see a concert at Stubbs in celebration and support of the Sound City documentary, a feature length film created by Dave Grohl. The movie chronicles the impact of the Sound City studio and their very special Neve 8028 console on which countless iconic records had been created. It's not just the story of a desk though, but also of the people who sat at the desk - and their stories at the Sound City studio are beautifully told here. The show at Stubbs was nothing short of amazing and unique, featuring performances by such diverse artists in the film like Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield and Corey Taylor not to mention Dave Grohl himself plus many others. That night would eventually lead me to record my Bridges EP two years later with Producer John Lousteau at the Foo Fighters' Studio 606, which was now home of that special Neve board. Instantly, I could hear all the history coming through the speakers and feel it seeping into my bones. It gave me chills to think of all those souls sitting behind this piece of metal, pouring themselves into the very music that would shape my life and my music. And that no matter what kind of technology you use to make music, it all starts with the people creating it. #MusicMondays

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