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One Week 'til Bridges Vol. 3

Bridges Vol. 3 is out next Friday! I am thrilled to be so close to sharing this record with you, at last! It's been a long time coming after some pandemic-induced slowdowns, but I couldn't be happier with the end…

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Bridges Vol. 3 Release Party One Week Away

We're just one week away from the Bridges Vol. 3 Release Party! This closing of the Bridges trilogy has been a decade in the making and you know we have to celebrate in style! On that note, I have some…

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Music Monday: Sheryl

With Mental Health Awareness month coming to a close, Amy Scott's documentary Sheryl feels more timely than ever. This candid look at Sheryl Crow, one of my lifelong musical heroes, is a truthful, inspirational and at times harrowing record of…

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Bridges Vol. 3 Tracklist

With the release of Bridges Vol. 3 only two weeks away, it's time to share the tracklist! If you've been following along for a while you've probably heard a few of these singles and the album closes out with four…

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Bridges Vol. 3 Release Party Update

The Bridges Vol. 3 Release Party at The Atlantic BKLN is on June 9th, three weeks from tonight! Grab your tickets and come celebrate the conclusion of the Bridges trilogy with me at this beautiful new venue, I have a…

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Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Please join me in wishing this badass bandmate and all around awesome human, Stephanie Sanders, a very happy birthday! Love this lady, see her in action this weekend at her show on Saturday 5/21 at The Atlantic with her other…

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Bridges Vol. 3 Release Date

Thrilled to announce Bridges Vol. 3 has a release date, June 10th! This album is the culmination of a decade of work and I am ecstatic to share it with you! Stay tuned for a full tracklist and more info…

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Music Monday: Led Zeppelin

I was gifted this Led Zeppelin biography written by Bob Spitz, very excited to read it! Has anyone checked it out yet, what did you think?

The Ki Ki Experience

A huge thank you to The Ki Ki Experience for being such an amazing special guest at The Spring Fling! Ki Ki, Tess, and Darius brought great vibes and a fiery performance to the show, if you missed out stay…

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Spring Fling Photos

Loving going through these photos from Melinda Oswandel of The Spring Fling! In addition to the photos being beautiful, Melinda does an incredible job of capturing special moments throughout the night. Looking forward to sharing more with you all!


Love performing with these amazingly talented bandmates and those who aren't pictured too! Feel so lucky and blessed!

Photo: Melinda Oswandel

More From The Spring Fling

Just got the first terrific photo, of what I'm sure will be many, from my friend, and favorite live photographer, Melinda Oswandel. She always does an amazing job of capturing the night and I can't wait to share more…

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Spring Fling Photos

Love seeing all the wonderful photos and videos everyone has shared from The Spring Fling! Thank you all so much and keep 'em coming!

Photo: Karen Elizaga