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Happy Birthday, Karina!

Sending wishes for a very happy birthday to Karina Montoya! An immensely talented hair and makeup artist with whom I've had the pleasure of collaborating for 11(!) years, my Go-To Beauty Guru, and most importantly, a wonderful person and dear…

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"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" with The Jacksons

This was an absolutely unreal moment for me, getting to perform "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" with The Jacksons at Celebrity Care Fest! Here's hoping you're all startin' somethin' this weekend, cheers!

Taking A Knee

Taking a knee in remembrance today and this weekend.

Photo: Teddy Telles

Acoustic Wednesday: "Day One" Live at Spring Fling

With everyone returning to work and school this week, and football season kicking off tomorrow, it felt like the perfect time to share "Day One" from the Spring Fling! Enjoy all your personal day ones!

Video: Jeff Musillo

"Cry For A Minute" at Celebrity Care Fest

I've been performing "Cry For A Minute" for a number of years now, but this performance at Celebrity Care Fest has to be one of the most memorable! Hope the lyrics provide a little comfort when you need to let…

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Acoustic Wednesday: "Better" at The Spring Fling

Going back to my Spring Fling for Acoustic Wednesday this week. Here's a look at "Better" from April, love playing these acoustic sets at shows, such a different vibe than the full band electric sets. If there are any songs…

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Music Monday: A Visit From The Goon Squad

End of summer re-read of Jennifer Egan's stellar fiction A Visit From The Goon Squad hit me a little differently 10 years later! (Original publication was in 2010, but I read it in 2012 - pre-Decade and Bridges albums.) Set…

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Temptations Sit In

Can't believe this was a month ago today! What an experience sitting in for "My Girl" with the legendary Temptations!

Flashback Friday: Bridges Vol. 3 Release Party

Flashing back to the Bridges Vol. 3 Release Party, a special night I won't soon forget! This one's a little bittersweet though as The Atlantic BKLN was such an incredible venue, but sadly they've had to close down. So consider…

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Acoustic Wednesday: "Best of Me" Live

Have a live version of #AcousticWednesday for you this week! Here's "Best of Me" from Celebrity Care Fest, was so fun getting to do this little stripped down mini set between The Temptations and Lou Gramm!


Extremely saddened to hear about the passing of Olivia Newton-John. Olivia's Totally Hot was one of my first ever albums, and her artistic range and personal grace were such an influence. She was magic and will not be forgotten. Sing…

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Hall of Fame Weekend 2022

A whirlwind 36 hours in Canton, truly amazing experience going back for the first time since Bill's induction. We got to see old friends, make new ones, and we truly enjoyed our time there. So much gratitude to the 2700…

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"Honest" Live at Celebrity Care Fest

For #AcousticWednesday this week here's my performance of "Honest" from the two song acoustic set we played at Celebrity Care Fest in between The Temptations and Lou Gramm! What an incredible weekend this was!

Celebrity Care Fest Photos

Still combing through all the great photos from Celebrity Care Fest, but here are a few favorites from my sit-ins with The Jacksons, Lou Gramm, and The Temptations!

Music Monday: Juke Box Hero

This Music Monday I am highly recommending you read Juke Box Hero, Lou Gramm's autobiography! Was just as thrilling to discuss this book with him as it was to perform together, great read, be sure to check it out!


Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Still can't believe I got to perform "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" with The Jacksons, absolutely surreal experience! Here's a little clip, full song videos still to come, and if you shot any videos please send them my way!

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Thank You!

I've had a minute to sit and start to process how incredible Celebrity Care Fest was, still finding all the words, but wanted to thank a few folks in the meantime. First and foremost, The Hampsons and HM3 Partners for…

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Celebrity Care Fest Photos

It was such a privilege to be a part of five total performances at Celebrity Care Fest! Here's a look at the first of those five, a set with my full band!

Celebrity Care Fest Charities

In addition to a Saturday full of unforgettable performances, the Friday night of Celebrity Care Fest featured an amazing dinner celebrating the work of Jane Seymour and Xernona Clayton! Check out this incredible statue honoring Jane's Open Hearts Foundation

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