Bridges Vol. 2 - EP


1. This Side of Goodbye (Veronica Stigeler-Cowher, Chad Carlson) 

2. Love Song (V. Stigeler-Cowher, C. Carlson, Weston Kleinknecht) 

3. While I'm Alive (V. Stigeler-Cowher, Matthew McGinn) 

4. But I Used To (V. Stigeler-Cowher, C. Carlson) 

5. Day One (V. Stigeler-Cowher, Zac Maloy)

6. Say What You Want (V. Stigeler-Cowher, Corey Taylor)


Produced & Engineered by Chad Carlson 

Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios / Mixed at Cabana Sound; April - May, 2017 

Mastering - Adam Ayan for Gateway Studios 

Production Coordinator - Juanita Copeland 


Vocals - Queen V 

Electric Guitars - Jimi K. Bones / Rob McNelley 

Drums & Percussion - Jerry Roe 

Bass Guitar - Tony Lucido 

Keyboards - Dave Cohen 

Acoustic Guitars - Queen V 

Background Vocals - Queen V / Chad Carlson 


Assistant Engineer - Zaq Reynolds 

Management and Marketing - Ed Martin for Royal Noise, LLC 

A&R and Marketing - Mike Regan for Artist Garage 

Publishing Administration - Travellers Hollow, LLC 

Legal - Derek Crownover / Dustin Kovacic, Dickinson-Wright, PLLC; Linda Edell Howard 

Webmaster - Stubs for 

Art Direction & Graphic Design - Melissa Constandse for Open Sea Creative 

Photography - Teddy Telles Photography, Inc. 

Hair & Makeup, additional styling - Karina Montoya 

Photography at Sound Emporium – Lucky Lawler 

Merchandise – Off Center Marketing 


Thank you to everyone who worked on and contributed to this album, from my band in New York, to all the musicians in Nashville, to all of my co-writers near and far.  You continue to make the Bridges project more beautiful and meaningful to me than I could have ever imagined. Thank you also to my incredible producer Chad Carlson for making sure I never lost my sense of humor during the recording process. 

Big thanks to Amanda Carlson, Ceele Dennis, Maral and Stuart Dill, Leslie and Cliff Downs, Paula Eden, Chantel and John Esposito, Rick Frio, Scott Hendricks, Gordon Kerr, Jasmine Madatian, Chelsea and Ed Martin, Robin Palmer, Mike Regan, Leslie Roberts,  Margaret Valentine and John Angelos. Thank you as well to all of my friends and fans who keep supporting me on this journey. 

And of course, a very special thank you to my amazing family, including my beloved husband Bill Cowher, the Stigelers, the Cowhers, the Westgarths, the Kellys, and Jason Hill. 

"A kiss for luck and we're on our way..." 

Much love,