Rockwood Music Hall Update

Given the news that Rockwood Music Hall will be closing Stage 2, I am feeling especially grateful to have played there twice this year, including most recently to celebrate the release of the "Write Your Song" video. I have so many great memories on Stage 2, it was always a go to spot for celebrating, including the Bridges release party in 2016. Happy to hear Rockwood will be able to keep Stage 1 going, another stage on which I have a long history, including several years of Thanksgiving week shows which eventually turned into the Fall Ball. A wonderful venue that has played an important part in my career, and so many other musicians'. And while I am sad to see Stage 2 close, knowing that the next generation will be able to enjoy Stage 1 and make their own memories there truly does warm my heart and feels like a hard earned win. 

Photos: Melinda Oswandel (1+2), Amanda Procaccino Prunty (3), Blur Revision Media (4), George Adams (5)

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