Looking for your pound of flesh 

In a sea of broken bones 

Heart’s beating out of your chest 

But you won’t 

Hide from the brutal truth 

About what it takes to get there 

Everything left to lose 

But more if you let them 

Stop you, no one else can ever stop you 



‘Cause you’re strong like a lion 

Grace of an angel 

Smart and you’re grateful 

So damn hard like New York City 

It’s been there all along 

So please don’t forget you’re strong 


Your blood and sweat and bruises 

The pain’s just temporary 

You’re the living proof 

That you can be 

Be anything that you want 

The past does not define you 

You fall, you gotta get back up 

And put it all behind you 

And no one else is ever gonna stop you, no 


CHORUS (repeat) 


Shoulda woulda coulda never works out for here and now 

But you’re worth it and you deserve it (mm hmm) 

Mirror looking back at you saying please don’t let me down 

And you know it but if you don’t 


CHORUS (repeat twice) 


So damn hard and you’ve come so far 

It’s been there all along 

Just don’t forget you’re strong 


Words and music by Veronica Stigeler-Cowher and Chad Carlson. 

© 2020 Penned Up Music (BMI) and Cabana Publishing, administered by Do Write Music LLC (SESAC).

All Rights Reserved.  Used by Permission.  International Copyright Secured.


Produced and mixed by Chad Carlson 

Lead Vocal – Queen V 

Electric guitar – Jimi K. Bones, Wes Kleinknecht

Acoustic guitar – Chad Carlson

Keyboards – Stephanie Sanders 

Bass – Tony Tino 

Drums – Justin D. Hoffman 

Percussion – Paul Giannini 

Background Vocals – Chad Carlson

Mastered by Adam Ayan, Gateway Studios