Bridges Vol. 3 - LP


1. Falling In Love

2. Write Your Song

3. Technicolor

4. Honest**

5. Alone

6. Like You Do

7. Strong

8. Love Again

9. Let's Go*

10. Pick Up The Pieces*

11. Bridges

Produced by Chad Carlson

Words and music by Veronica Stigeler-Cowher (BMI) and Chad Carlson (SESAC);
© 2022 Penned Up Music (BMI) and Cabana Publishing (SESAC)
All Rights Reserved.  Used by Permission.  International Copyright Secured. 

* words and music by Veronica Stigeler-Cowher (BMI), Chad Carlson (SESAC) and Weston Kleinknecht (ASCAP); © 2022 Penned Up Music (BMI), Cabana Publishing (SESAC), and LittleKnight (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.  Used by Permission.  International Copyright Secured. 

** words and music by Veronica Stigeler-Cowher (BMI) and Billy Dean (BMI);
© 2019 Penned Up Music (BMI) and Billy Dean Music Group (BMI).
All Rights Reserved.  Used by Permission.  International Copyright Secured. 

© & ℗ 2022 Royal Noise, LLC.  All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. 

Engineered/Mixed By Chad Carlson 
Assistant Engineers: Max Faigen, Zack Pancoast, Zaq Reynolds, Steven Sacco, James Yost
Production Coordinator: Juanita Copeland 
NYC Studio Coordinator: Tino Passante 
Mastered by Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine 
Recorded at Cabana Sound (Nashville), Reservoir Studios (NYC), Sear Sound (NYC), & Sound Emporium Studios (Nashville)
Mixed at Cabana Sound (Nashville) 
April 2017 – April 2022 

Vocals: Queen V 
Drums: Justin D. Hoffman, Jerry Roe, Pete Sustarsic

Bass Guitar: Tony Lucido, Tony Tino
Acoustic Guitars: Chad Carlson, Billy Dean, Queen V
Electric Guitars: Jimi K. Bones, Kris Donegan, Derrek Hawkins, Wes Kleinknecht, Rob McNelley, Queen V
Keyboards: Dave Cohen, Tim Lauer, Stephanie Sanders
Percussion: Paul Giannini, Jerry Roe
Violin: Joan Chew
French Horn: Chad Carlson
Sitar: Rob McNelley
Bouzouki: Chad Carlson
Background Vocals: Chad Carlson, Joan Chew, Queen V, Stephanie Sanders, Kate Steinberg & the Sear Sound Gang 

Management and Marketing: Ed Martin for Royal Noise, LLC 
Publishing Administration: Janice Jackson for Travellers Hollow, LLC 

Legal: Lauren Spahn for Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP
Album Cover Photography: Teddy Telles Photography, Inc. 
Album Cover Design: Travis DeMello
Styling: Queen V
Hair & Makeup, Additional Styling: Karina Montoya 

When I started this songwriting journey ten years ago at home in New York, I didn’t know where it would take me, but I knew I wanted to connect in a different way. For the first time in a very long time, I started writing on piano and acoustic guitar again, and thus, searching for my own voice in these new waters, “Best of Me” was written.  I traveled to Los Angeles to record the first EP Bridges in early 2015 and found a new friend, collaborator, and producer in John “Lou” Lousteau at Studio 606. Lou threw me a buoy and helped me find my sea legs in this new sound, for which I am forever grateful.  Around the same time, I visited Nashville to further expand my writing and met Chad Carlson, who also quickly became a friend, frequent cowriter, and eventual producer. I spent a week per month in Nashville for well over a year, working with many different writers, and in 2017 Chad and I eventually created the Bridges Vol. 2 EP at Sound Emporium. We began recording another new album in Nashville in 2018, but ultimately, I wanted to record with my band back home. I also wanted to hear all the energy, RF, static and intangible things that make New York so special, the things that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. So, we continued tracking in the fall of 2019 in NYC, and after a more than 2-year pandemic-induced hiatus, we finally got to finish the full-length album, Bridges Vol. 3, in April 2022. Thank you for listening to this labor of love. I hope you enjoy this music a fraction as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

A hearty and heartfelt Thank You to: First and foremost, Bill – my husband, best friend and major source of inspiration, love, and sanity over the last decade. Forever Yours. My family and friends, near and far, your love and support mean the world to me.  My co-writer and producer Chad Carlson for helping me realize the last segment of this project, keeping it fun and hilarious and digging in deep when we had to. And to Wes, for helping me with all the demo work, always pitching in when asked without question. My core Royal Noise team: Ed Martin – many thanks for adeptly wearing several hats, getting it all done and always being at the ready to grind it out when called upon. Likewise, Janice Jackson and Lauren Spahn, for keeping our business tight, pro, and operational. My cowriters, my band and all the musicians who played on this record – you are the flesh and blood of this album, and it has been my honor to play with you and have your music “on record.” The photography and video creatives who matched my Sound to Vision: Jeff Musillo, Otoja Abit, Melinda Oswandel, Teddy Telles, Travis De Mello and Andy Petrovitch – it’s all a mirage without YOU. And, last but never least, the ladies who graciously and generously help me present my personal style wishes: Karina Montoya, my all-around Beauty Guru. Margaux Perez, gone too soon but you live on in our hearts and closets. Paige Glassman and Stacey Oliver for helping “pick up the pieces.” I love you all. V